Mayanagari Game Pre Registration: Book Your Slot Now

Hello friends, today we will explore about Mayanagari Game Pre Registration through this post. If you are looking for pre-registration in the Mayanagari Games, then you have come to the right place. Today we will discuss the Mayanagari game through this post and also a little more important thing how you can book your slot through Pre Registration. If you want to know details about Mayanagari and also how to pre-register for this game, then read this part well till the end. Then you will get the answer to every question in your mind from here.

Know About the Mayanagari Game

Mayanagari is an open-world mobile gangster game, which is developed by a company called Hypernova Interactive, its gaming studio is located in Bangalore. Although the pre-registration of this game started on 16 February 2023 only for Android users, till now this game is being developed. Mayanagari is an Indian game inspired by the GTA-5 game.

Mayanagari Game Pre Registration: Book Your Slot Now

Just like GTA 5 where you become a gangster in an open world and fight with different online players, the Mayanagari game is an online battle game. In the city, a character is developing his criminal story and later becomes a rising gangster. The main purpose of launching this game in India is that since the local language of India is Hindi and around 1.4 billion people live in India, this game has been published in the local language Hindi.

So that every user can play this game very easily. Most of the locations in this metropolis game include Bombay, Goa, Delhi and Kathmandu. Also, this game has more than five different features. The main reason why this game is popular is the graphics, the graphics of this game are like 3D real which makes this game more popular.

What is Mayanagari Game Pre Registration

If you have pre-registered the game on the Play Store or App Store before the launch of any game, then you will get the download notification about the game the moment it is available on the Play Store or App Store.

If you have not pre-registered a game many times, you will not get the notification of the game, but if you have pre-registered, you will easily get the notification when the game reaches the Play Store or App Store.

When you get the notification, you can easily download and play the game by going to the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iPhone/ iPad). That’s why before every game comes, the game developers keep a pre-registration option so that you will get some in-game rewards the moment you download the game and log in.

What is Pre Registration Gift in the Mayanagari Game?

As in every game, if you do pre-registration before the game is released, every user gets some rewards when you download the game and log in. Similarly, in the case of the Mayanagari game, if you do pre-registration in advance, you will get attractive rewards.

Mayanagari Game Pre Registration: Book Your Slot Now

If you have pre-registered the game in the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iPhone/ iPad) then you will get a brand new Super Bike in this game after downloading the game and logging in.

The name of that bike is YAMATO SX – 15 Special Edition, but if you do not pre-register for the Mayanagari game, you will not get this free YAMATO SX – 15 Special Edition bike. So let us tell you to pre-register the Mayanagari game before its launch. Although the pre-registration for this game has started from 16 February 2023.

Details About Mayanagari Mobile Gangster Game

AppMayanagari – Mobile Gangster
CompanyHypernova Interactive
Expected Release Date2024
GenreOpen World
App SizeUnknown
Made ForAndroid
System Requirements4 GB RAM & More
Available InPlay Store, App Store (Not available now in App Store)
PublisherHypernova Interactive

Mayanagari – Mobile Gangster Game Features

Mayanagari – Mobile Gangster game has so many popular features that make you want to play this game. We have discussed below the interesting future schools that this game has.

  1. In this game, you can explore different cities of India like Mumbai, Delhi, and Goa. Along with this, you can play the game in places like Kathmandu.
  2. The most interesting feature is that you don’t have to pay any money to play this game, that is, you can play this game for free.
  3. This game has 3D quality graphics due to which the gameplay is realistic.
  4. Along with this, you can drive a variety of vehicles in the game, as well as many Indian vehicle brands available.
  5. India’s local weapons pistols and katta are available in this game. Which allows you to use pistols and katta when you fight locally in-game.
  6. While playing this game you can feel like a Bollywood film, because this game has different Indian dialogues and also you can play this game in the Indian local language Hindi.

How to Pre-Registration in the Mayanagari Game?

Step 1: First, you need to open the Play Store on your mobile.

Step 2: After opening the Play Store, click on the search bar at the top. After clicking on the search bar, you have to search by typing Mayanagari in the search box.

Step 3: After searching, you have to click on the game that will show at the top i.e. Mayanagari game. After clicking on the game you will reach the section of that game.

Step 4:

Mayanagari Game Pre Registration: Book Your Slot Now

After reaching there you will see an Install button, clicking on that Install button will pre-register you in the game.

Step 5:

Mayanagari Game Pre Registration: Book Your Slot Now

When you pre-register in the game you will see unregister instead of install. Then you will understand that you have pre-registered in the Mayanagari game.

N.B: It is sad for iOS users that it is not yet available on the iOS App Store for pre-registration of the Mayanagari Game.


We hope that by reading this post you will know about the Pre-Registration of the Mayanagari – Mobile Gangster game and also understand how to Pre-Register this game. If you like our post then you can share it with your friends and family.

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